When baking for the Specific Carbohydrate diet don't worry too much about exact measurements to the gram, most baked goods will work out. The conversions below are approximate and based on using a 240ml cup size. The ingredients aren't packed in, I've spooned them in and gently shaken the cup to level them out. I will add to this list as I go along!

1 Cup is :
95g almond flour
110g blackberries
100g frozen raspberries
135g blueberries
80g dessicated coconut
120g frozen peas
120g raw cashews
90g broken walnuts
85g raisins or sultanas

113g is 1 stick butter
14g is 1 tablespoon butter
227g is 1 cup butter
60g is 1 cup cheese (lightly packed)
100g is 1 cup cheese (firmly packed)

5ml is 1 tsp
15ml is 1 tablespoon
60ml is ¼ cup
80ml is ⅓ cup
120ml is ½ cup
240ml is 1 cup

Approx Oven Temperature Conversions

150° C = 300° F
160° C = 325° F
170° C = 340° F
180° C = 350° F
190° C = 375° F
200° C = 400° F

To convert to ounces please click here or here for other measurements.