Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Coffee Ice Cream with Hazelnuts & Chocolate GF SCD

Fresh coffee frozen yogurt cream is a favourite of ours. It's mild coffee flavour and creamy texture is mouth-wateringly delicious! The addition of roasted hazelnuts and homemade chocolate chips gives this simple flavour some extra pezaz!

My original idea was to add the hazelnuts and the chocolate to the ice cream mixture but one of us wanted it without the hazelnuts so they went on top instead! So if you like hazelnuts and white chocolate, please add them in before freezing. SCD Ice Cream is made with yogurt cream which is fermented for 24 hours.
"The Lactose in the milk is a disaccharide and the fermentation converts it to galactose which is a monosaccharide that is easy to absorb as well as to L-lactic acid (the form the body can use). We also restrict the bacteria cultures that are used to ferment the milk to specific ones that have been found to be very ensure the lactose is converted to galactose, a monosacsharide the body can easily absorb." from Breaking the Vicious Cycle
Yogurt Cream

300ml organic double cream
600ml organic whole milk

Make the Yogurt Cream two days ahead following my instructions for making SCD yogurt but use organic double cream and organic whole milk instead of just milk. For a richer yogurt cream use half cream and half whole milk.

When I started to cook for the SCD one of my favourite buys was an ice-cream maker, you will also need one to make this dessert. Remember to put the bowl into the freezer the night before. It's also a good idea to put your whisks and mixing bowl into the fridge for an hour beforehand.

Coffee Ice Cream GF SCD

2 - 3 rounded tblsps ground coffee
120ml boiling water
100ml mild clear honey
600ml yogurt cream
2 tsp vanilla extract
SCD white chocolate
30g hazelnuts

If you are going to mix the hazelnuts and white chocolate into the ice cream, prepare them before you make the ice cream. Make the chocolate according to my recipe.

Roast the hazelnuts in a dry pan.

Chop in a food processor.

Make the coffee. If you like a mild coffee flavour use two tablespoons of coffee, if you prefer a strong coffee flavour use 3 tablespoons or even four.

Tip the fresh ground coffee into a cup, pour over the boiling water and leave to cool.

Strain the coffee through a filter then pour the yogurt cream, honey, coffee and vanilla extract into a cold bowl.

Whisk together with an electric hand whisk until well combined.

Put the ice cream bowl into the ice cream maker, turn it on and pour in the mixture.

Following the instructions of your ice cream maker, churn until the mixture freezes.

Scoop into a container. 
At this stage, you could stir the chocolate and roasted hazelnuts into the ice cream.

Cover and freeze for a few hours until solid. Sprinkle with roasted hazelnuts and white chocolate if you haven't stirred them in earlier.

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