Sunday, 27 May 2012

Coleslaw GF SCD

Coleslaw is nutritious, delicious, easy to make and doesn't break the bank. Lovely with other salads, in wraps, sandwiches and just on its own, this wonderful and colourful  dish is a family favourite and popular all over the world.

The word Coleslaw comes from the Dutch Koolsalade which is shortened to Koolsla and means cabbage salad though coleslaw may have Roman roots since the collection of Roman recipes, Apicius, reveals that the Romans prepared shredded cabbage dressed with vinegar, eggs and spices. The dish became extremely popular after Richard Hellman developed bottled mayonnaise in 1903 though prior to this time it was dressed with oil and vinegar.

This recipe is a simple, basic coleslaw but I've included options below to vary the ingredients as you wish. I have been meaning to make this ever since I pinned The Blender Girl's Basic Raw Vegan Mayonnaise. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I have used her recipe but I have made a few tweaks to it. Thank you Tess for your wonderful creation! I think this coleslaw is the nicest I've tasted and since I don't like to eat raw eggs it's perfect! This recipe generously serves four people.

Coleslaw GF SCD 
3 medium carrots
¼ medium red cabbage
¼ medium white cabbage
½ sweet onion

Dressing :
1 cup (240ml) organic raw cashews soaked for 2 hours in spring/filtered water
60ml organic extra virgin olive oil
1 large floret of cauliflower
120ml filtered or spring water
3 Tbsp lemon juice or more to taste (I used 1½ lemons)
1 tsp mustard
2 tsps honey (agave nectar for vegan not SCD)
2 tsps organic apple cider vinegar
large pinch salt

We're not fortunate enough to own a Vitamix but this mayonnaise came out as smooth as you can imagine using my ordinary blender so don't be put off making cashew based creams if you don't own a very high speed blender. I was very surprised by the results!

Soak the cashews in spring or filtered water for at least two hours.

Drain and tip into the blender with the cauliflower.

Blend until smooth.

Slowly add the oil to the blended cashews and cauliflower. Then, if you are following the SCD,  make some mustard using dried mustard powder.

Add some spring or filtered water to the powder and mix until you get the correct consistency.

Squeeze the lemons.

Add the honey (or other liquid sweetener), lemon juice, mustard, cider vinegar and salt to the blender and blend together. Pour into a glass container and chill in the fridge. See how smooth it is! It doesn't taste much like mayonnaise BUT when it's mixed in with the vegetables, it's lovely. If you think it's a little too thin, add a little more cauliflower. Though the dressing thickens over a few days in the fridge.

Finely slice and wash the red cabbage.

Finely slice and wash the green cabbage.

Finely slice the onion.

Shred the carrots.

Using kitchen towel or a clean cloth, gently squeeze the excess moisture from the shredded cabbage and carrots and tip into a bowl.

Stir in as much of the chilled mayonnaise as you like. I used just 2½ tablespoons so I have plenty left to use in the next couple of days.

Serve and enjoy!

The mayonnaise should keep at least two weeks in the fridge stored in a sealed, glass container. Some people advise that it will keep up to four weeks. On day 5 it tastes amazing so, if you can, make the mayonnaise a couple of days before the coleslaw.

Some variations to the basic recipe :

  • add pumpkin or sunflower seeds
  • add toasted flaked almonds or walnuts
  • use chopped spring onions in place of the sweet onion
  • use red onion in place of the sweet onion
  • add grated apple
  • add some thinly sliced red, yellow or/and green peppers
  • add some grated raw beetroot or replace the carrot with beetroot
  • use all red cabbage or all white cabbage
  • add dried fruit (eg raisins, sultanas or chopped apricots)
  • add grated cheese (or vegan cheese, not SCD)
  • add some chopped herbs