Sunday, 19 February 2012

Grain Free Spice Biscuits GF SCD

I set out to create some crunchy ginger biscuits yesterday and ended up with spice biscuits. I made another batch today, altering the spices a little to achieve a more ginger taste, but here is the recipe for the ones I made yesterday which were a huge hit with the family.

Spice Biscuits GF SCD

100g ground almonds
25g dessicated coconut
60ml honey (or other liquid sweetener)
40ml extra virgin olive oil
1 tblsp fresh lemon juice
¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 rounded tsps ground ginger
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
¼ tsp ground cloves
pinch of salt

  • Set the oven to  150°C.
  • Measure out the ground almonds and dessicated coconut into a bowl. Add the bicarbonate of soda, salt and spices and whisk well with a fork.
  • Measure out the honey, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice into another bowl and mix well with a fork or whisk. Acacia or any other mild tasting honey is best.
  • Add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix together.
  • Cover a baking tray with some baking parchment.
  • Take walnuts sized pieces and roll into a 12 balls.
  • Place on a tray leaving plenty of space between each one then flatten down with your fingers.
  • Bake in the middle or bottom of the oven for 25 minutes.
  • Cool on the tray. 

If you want to make them more gingery, try 1 rounded tablespoon of ground ginger and maybe 1 teaspoon of cinnamon instead of the other spices.

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  1. Looks amazing as always!

    So funny. I make nearly the exact same cookie (well, with the exception of the lemon, and other spices), but what a great idea - I bet these are so delicious! I'm a sucker for anything ginger.

    Great recipe. I'll have to try your version for sure.


  2. Thank you Amber! Have you posted your version? I like the combination of dessicated coconut and ground almonds because it gives SCD biscuits a bit of texture and a less "SCD" taste... and I had to create something without eggs so my husband could eat them too!

  3. These look great! Thanks for sharing! I bookmarked them!

  4. Thank you Adrienne, I hope you love them as much as we do!

  5. Vicky,

    These biscuits sound so scrumptious! Thank you so much for sharing your great recipe on Allergy-Free Wednesdays! Be sure to check back next week for recipe highlights (including the top 3 reader choice submissions and hostess favorites).

    Be Well!

  6. Thanks Laura and you're welcome! Allergy Free Wednesdays is definitley a place to be on a Wednesday Night - so many excellent posts!

  7. i can feel that crunch in them cookies! ginger an crunch makes for one perfect combination!

  8. These sound delicious - I love a good spice biscuit! As well as making them gluten free, I think the almond flour would add a lovely flavour and texture too.

  9. I'm so sorry, the Anonymous above is me! I clicked too quickly!

  10. Haha April! I've done that many a time! Thank you! Actually, you can't tell they're made from Almond Flour because they're crunchy! I think they're almost like a regular biscuit. I was quite surprised about that! Usually I have to cook a few batches>

  11. I just love the combination of spice and flavor that your recipe has. This would be a delicious biscuit. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  12. Your spice cookies look crisp and delicious! My kids love spice cookies and will choose them over gooey frosted ones any day of the week. I've started working more with nut flours and coconut flour to reduce the refined carbs in our house, so I am looking forward to trying this recipe.

  13. Thanks Alea! These are really quick and simple to make and you wouldn't realise they are made with almond flour, which, of course, is so much more nutritious than wheat flour.

  14. Those look delicious! Thanks for linking up!

  15. Hello, these sound great! You put "1/4 ground nutmeg & 1/4 ground cloves." Is it 1/4 teaspoon?

    1. Ooops and I've never noticed!! I amended the post - thank you for pointing it out - yes it is tsps.