Sunday, 13 April 2014

My April TVK Box

Another month and another box from TVK has arrived! Yesterday, I really had to suppress my urge to take a slight peek at a photo of the box I saw on FB in case I ruined the surprise since mine arrived a day later than some.

The contents of the box were, as before, a brilliant range of goodies I'd never tried before.

This carton of delicious Choco Mylk from Rebel Kitchen was comfortably nestled in the centre of the box. It's a drink I've been longing to try for a month or so. "Drink Me I'm Epic", that phrase describes it perfectly. No refined sugar! Yes, NONE at all in the ingredients which are :

  • Pure spring water from Somerset
  • Coconut Milk
  • Date Nectar
  • Cacao
  • No additives, no preservatives, no worries

This kids range is available in chocolate, banana and orange but if you want to sample a more mature flavour there's also an adult range of delicious Chocolate Mylk, Matcha Green Tea Mylk and Chai Mylk. For more information about these products and where to buy them, please visit their website.

Those of you that read my posts will know I'm not a great fan of soy products. In addition to the bucketloads of scary information about soy, it's difficult to tell whether what you're buying is from a GMO crop or not. Landgarten, however, cultivate their own organic soya beans in Austria and a few beans now and again, in my opinion, aren't really going to do me any harm. I tried their dark chocolate pumpkin seeds a few months ago when I received my very first box as a prize in a competition run by The Vegan Cookie Fairy, they were beyond awesome and these gluten free organic crunchy soya beans thickly coated in smooth dark chocolate are every bit as nice. In fact they reminded me a little of chocolate covered peanuts. Rich in magnesium, calcium and iron they're not only a wonderful treat they also offer some nutritional value too.

This yummy Creative Nature Sublime Seeds protein bar is created from roasted peanuts, dates, sunflower seeds and hemp protein powder. On the website it states that this snack is gluten free but be aware, the packet states it is made in an environment that handles gluten. It's OK for me to try because I'm not coeliac, I just have an intolerance to gluten so small traces don't really affect me. Worth buying if you're looking for a delicious snack - it's 100% Raw, 100% Natural, Vegan, Vegetarian, GMO free, dairy free, wheat free, soya free, lactose free, low in saturated fat AND manufactured in the UK.

I really look forward to the non-food item which is always included in the box. This month it is a beautiful tin of lavender lip and body balm from Freya Luna, another company I haven't heard of before. Freyaluna products are 
"natural and lovingly handmade in North Wales. They contain no harsh chemicals or preservatives, but are packed full of Mother Nature’s gorgeous-ness to help you achieve naturally beautiful, healthy skin.  Our products are based on traditional herbal remedies to create products formulated to not only look, feel and smell good, but to do good to your skin as well. It is very important to us that each and every Freyaluna product has beneficial skincare properties!"

I'll certainly check out they're other products, they're soaps look fantastic and I love the fact you can buy sample sized products to try out first.

This packet of freeze dried Clearspring Miso on the go, organic instant Miso soup may contain traces of gluten so is not suitable for coeliacs. Miso is something I don't normally trust since it could be made from gluten containing grains but the miso in this product is made from rice. However, I'm not a lover of tofu so I'm going to give this a miss and hand it over to my husband who I'm sure will enjoy it.

On the other hand, I was thrilled to bits to receive this 250 gram packet of Coconom organic coconut sugar. We don't tend to eat much sugar but coconut sugar is my first choice if I'm baking since it's considered to be low on the glycaemic index compared to other sugars. 
"Coconom Organic Coconut Sugar is an all-natural, granular sweetener alternative, with a luxurious “buttery caramel” flavour and aroma that provides a delicious, high nutrient, low GI (35), 1:1 replacement for regular sugar for everyday use. It’s sustainably produced from the sweet golden nectar of coconut palm blossoms, minimally processed, unfiltered, unrefined, unbleached and preservative and additive free and naturally allergen free.Sourced from sustainable small-scale organic producers in Java, Indonesia."
There are quite a few recipes on Coconom's website you may wish to look at, just click on the link.

Because I am in month three of my subscription, I received this recipe folder for all the lovely recipe cards that come with the box.