Saturday, 31 May 2014

Golden Apple's Raw Chocolate Bars GF

This last bank holiday weekend my family and I really enjoyed taste testing this fabulous chocolate bars from Golden Apple and we were quite taken aback by how incredibly delicious the bars are.

I've known for some time that Golden Apple were creating this new product line and all I can say is they must have had great fun developing the chocolate because we had a massive amount of fun eating it!

The 35 gram chocolate bars are wrapped in gold foil and packaged in slim, pretty boxes displaying the company's logo.

The ingredients are printed clearly on the reverse of the package along with the nutritional values of each bar as well as the Euro Leaf and other symbols which state the bars are Vegan Society approved and certified by Ecocert, one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world. There are four delicious flavours to choose from, Apple and Cinnamon, Coconut, Coffee Guarana and Aronia - rather unusual fillings, I couldn't wait to try them!

The Apple Cinnamon flavour was my favourite bar and I've kept one back to eat later by me and me alone - this one is not for sharing! The tanginess of the apple combined with a subtle cinnamon flavour is delicious and combined with the smooth, perfectly sweet and delicate raw chocolate coating, it is pure bliss! Incan (or Inca) berries also appear on the ingredients list. Renowned for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, these little berries are considered to be a superfood and are also reported (whether this is true or not, I don't know) to be a source of Vitamin B12.

We all adored the coconut filled bar. This is a coconut lover's taste of paradise. The texture of the bar is perfect. In my opinion it's just sweet enough and the addition of almonds gives its nutritional value a little boost!

Guarana and coffee, what a combination! Guarana is believed to increase energy levels and is added to energy drinks. Its presence in this bar is most likely the reason why it is labelled "not for children under 12 years" since guarana has some of the highest concentrations of caffeine in any plant. Covered in a layer of the silky smooth raw chocolate, this bar has a rather chewy texture and a very strong coffee taste. Though definitely not suitable for people avoiding caffeine, I'm sure these bars will be a huge hit with those of you who love your coffee!

The final bar is unusually filled with aronia or chokeberries. Native to North America, the aronia shrub bears fruit which resemble dark, purple-coloured cranberries. This fruit is believed to have the highest concentration of antioxidants present in any fruit. I've never tried aronia berries before but they certainly taste delicious in their chocolate coating!

I was very impressed with the raw chocolate, definitely the best I've tasted and the fillings are unique AND very delicious.

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