Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My May TVK Box

This month I was lucky to be at home when my TVK Box was delivered. Oh the anticipation! A word of warning, it's not easy to get into so arm yourself with a pair of scissors for the ready! Once inside, I discovered, as expected, that the contents were just as awesome as those in all the other boxes I've received.

So here's a little bit about them starting with the Jasmine Tea from cutely named Dormouse Tea Company.

I checked out the tea on their website ......
"Made by mixing dry Green Tea leaves and Jasmine Flowers. Alternating leaves and flowers are layered on top of each other. The leaves are left with the calming aroma of Jasmine. Beautifully delicate and light tea, great from after dinner, or to enjoy before sleep o'clock!"
Sounds lovely doesn't it - I haven't tried it yet, I'm not a big tea drinker but it's about time I converted. Oh and it came with some DIY tea bags - love that! Discover their range of teas and other tea related products here.

The next item to catch my eye was the chocolate fudge from Scoff. Though I personally found the fudge a little too sweet - I just don't have a sweet tooth - not all the people I shared it with agreed, they loved it! The company don't just sell fudge.  For all you chocoholics, there is a lovely selection of chocolate truffles too AND all their products are suitable for a gluten free diet. I was also impressed by the fact they've considered people with nut allergies and soy allergies too, some of their products are free from these too. And for those of you living in the London area there's another bonus - you can order bespoke free-from vegan cakes, how great is that!!

The next item looks yummy and I wish I could eat it but unfortunately it's only wheat free and not gluten free - sad face! It's going to a good home though!
"HOT-POTS are a porridge pot with a difference! Dairy free, sugar free and vegan, we think you'll agree that these pots are a little bit special. Packed with natural sweetness and superfoods to help keep you going when you most need it, any time of day, in any situation."
I wish they were made with gluten free oats because they're packed full of ingredients I love - oats, dates, coconut, goji berries, coconut milk powder, maca powder, vanilla bean and mixed spices - nom nom! No refined sugars can be found in any of the products on the Wholeplus website which is certainly a move in the right direction these days! The toppers also sound delicious as well as their protein shots both of which "may contain traces of gluten" but don't actually contain gluten containing ingredients.

Made with only natural, organic ingredients, these crackers and biscuits can be described as "pure". Several flavours from the Golden Apple range are suitable for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet - it's so unusual to be able to find an off the shelf product! The texture isn't as you would expect it but once you've got a taste for these crackers, they are so moreish! I can also highly recommend the organic raw garlic pestos - wild garlic, wild garlic with hemp seeds and wild garlic with pumpkin seeds and if you come back in a week or so you will find a review of their Organic Raw Chocolate Bars, yum!

The Hectares Piri Piri flavoured Sweet Potato Crisps were eaten within minutes of the box being open and they were awesome! Not only do they have a wonderful fiery kick to them, they're also gluten-free. The mission of the company is to convert 1% of the UK's white potato crisp eaters to their brand, I don't think they'll have much of a problem if they can get their product noticed. I've never seen piri piri flavoured crisps before so that's one HUGE advantage!

IMO one of the best things about The TVK Box is that they always add in a beauty or vegan, cruelty free household product. This month it's BIO D Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid. Fragrance free with no nasties, it's suitable for sensitive skin. I haven't remembered to try it yet but it's perfect for me because I always use a non-bio product. Check out their website here for the full range of their products which include cleaners, polish, hand wash and nappy sanitizing powder.

Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at The Vegan Kind for including my recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Dip on their card this month and, as you can see, the Golden Apple crackers are featured in the picture! The organic raw garlic mentioned in the recipe is the Golden Apple garlic pesto mentioned above.

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