Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Vegetarian SCD Christmas

I thought a few of you may be interested in some of the food that was eaten over the Christmas fortnight this year when we were catering for someone on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It was interesting to see some of the food he created too.

It's a shame we didn't get a photo of Christmas dinner, I think we were all too eager to eat. All the pictures above and below were taken on a tablet or iphone. The picture above is of my Onion Soup which we ate with grain free bread sticks - the ones at the front are cheese bread sticks and the ones behind are vegan herby bread sticks. I will be making these again and will post the recipe, they were delicious!

A stack of these coconut flour pancakes was made almost everyday. The favourite topping was the caramelised banana and peanut butter one below!!!

Another favourite brunch recipe was the pizza omelette.

This cauliflower rice was stuffed in roasted red peppers...

My minestrone soup was a popular lunch...

... and it also stuffed some peppers the following night.

That evening we also feasted on spiralized carrots and courgettes with a tomato sauce, broccoli, spinach, garlic mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, roasted avocado and as well as brussels sprouts sautéed with chestnuts and red onion, which was my favourite side dish and featured quite regularly over the couple of weeks!

We made many of the soups from my blog.

The Roasted Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup made with red onions was delicious with a scoop of cauliflower purée on top...

...and a couple of days later we ate spinach with roasted yellow peppers, spiralized carrot and courgette and cauliflower purée with a scoop of Roasted Butternut Squash and Carrot soup on top!

I made the SCD legal pizza from my blog as a meal for a journey away from home, it's a huge favourite!

I managed to get round to making the mince pies on the day before everyone left. The pastry is a little different to the one I usually make and it was interesting to discover that the pastry didn't fall apart as easily as usual. I will share this recipe next time I make a pastry recipe. The secret ingredient was also in the bread sticks.

Finally the last meal before everyone went home was a double spicy bean burger with a portobello mushroom sandwiched in the middle served with fried mushrooms and tomatoes, basil and a squeeze of lemon, delicious!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy New Year!