Tuesday, 30 July 2013

PERKIER Flakes Review & Dark Chocolate Crispy Buns

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Ann of Perkier Foods asking if I would like to review their Brand NEW Flakes. Of course I said "Yes, PLEASE"!! A big fan of Perkier Porridge I couldn't wait to try these brand new cereals.

I eagerly poured a small bowl of each on the day they arrived and was immediately smitten with the Perkier Red Berry Flakes. The bright red dried raspberries are intensely mouth-watering. My husband, however, has really taken to the Perkier Fruity Flakes, he's been snacking on them, straight from the packet.

I happily give a huge ten out of ten for the package design. What a great idea to present the cereal in the bowls on the front of the packet and the comforting phrases - "all natural ingredients", "gloriously gluten free", "nutritious and delicious" as well as the Coeliac UK Certified Gluten Free Certificate are all in plain view on the front of the box.

The back of the packet is just as interesting!

So if you're a fan of reading cereal packets in the morning you won't be bored with these. Did you know buckwheat was related to rhubarb?

The cereal inside the boxes is equally as enticing.

Red Berry Flakes

Fruity Flakes

The Red Berry Flakes are scattered with freeze dried strawberries and raspberries and luscious raisins, cranberries and apple pieces are generously dotted amongst the Fruity Flakes. Both cereals are luxuriously tasty and delicious. BUT if you're expecting a sugary hit, you won't get it! The flakes are not tastelessly sweet, on the contrary, they're crispy and wonderfully moreish! Made from organic wholegrain rice flour and organic buckwheat flour they're sweetened ever so slightly with brown rice syrup and organic cane sugar which suits me fine since I don't really have a sweet tooth (except for dark chocolate). AND I love that they're suitable for vegans and vegetarians...

I'm guessing you might be looking forward to trying these delectable and wholesome gluten free breakfast flakes so check out the gluten-free aisle in your supermarket.

I wanted to include a recipe and was discussing some ideas with my husband and we both agreed that the red berry flakes could only be made more PERK!ER if they were covered in decadent organic dark chocolate! So I made some chocolate crispy buns - not very adventurous for me but they're simple and young children LOVE making them, I know that from experience! Don't you agree that sometimes the simplest of recipes are the most fun!

Chocolate Red Berry Crispy Buns GF 

100 g PERK!ER Red Berry Flakes
150 g organic dark chocolate (I used 70% Green & Black's)

Break up the chocolate and place in a bowl over a pan of hot water to melt slowly over a low light.

Measure out the PERK!ER Red Berry Flakes.

Prepare some muffin/cupcake cases or small confectionery cases to make small bite sized treats. Take the chocolate off the heat and pour the flakes into the bowl.

Mix together well...

... until completely covered in dark chocolate.

Note: If you want to make the bite sized treats, grind up the flakes in a pestle and mortar or pour into a bag and crush with a rolling pin before covering with chocolate.

Spoon into the muffin cases..

or confectionery cases...

Leave to cool and harden but in Summer, I place them in the fridge. I made half a dozen of each....