Saturday 28 June 2014

Freego - Hand Picked By Us and By You


Social Media is an amazing way to spread the word about where to find your gluten free food and essentials and over the past couple of weeks I've noticed a few very positive posts about Freego, a new website specialising entirely in gluten free food - YES!

I always have to resort to buying some foods on-line and I usually make one or two orders a month. I'm always on the look-out for new gluten free, vegetarian and healthy products to suit us all so wow, this is great - a site which sells only gluten free foods! Though not a totally unique idea, I found that many of the products on this gluten-free only site are the sort that I would purchase. The best thing is you don't have to look at the labels or filter out the gluten free from the rest of the products, everything is suitable for a gluten free diet.

But there's other factors contributing to making this site a promising resource and the company have already worked some of them out :

Best gluten free products - Hand-picked by us and by you.
"Every product is selected based on a panel test and customer feedback. We reject as much as we select. We take away the trial and error. Hand-picked by us and by you."
I love the fact that everything is tried and tested, this is especially welcomed. At least you can get some idea of how the product will taste before you buy.

Our promise
"We'll take the hit-and-miss out of your gluten free shopping. No compromises. And we'll only stock products that we love and, most importantly, our customers love." The Freego Team

If there's something you would particularly like that's not included on the website, there's a place to put in a request at the bottom of the front page Remembering it's a new venture, this is offering a chance for the public to become involved choosing the product lines, tailoring them to your very own taste so in the end you won't have to go to several sites to buy everything you want!

From around the world -Sourced from all four corners
"Bread mixes from the USA, pasta from Italy, black bean spaghetti from China, crispbreads from France. We search high and low for the best gluten free products."
As you can see from the picture of my first purchase, I bought sorghum flour - and at a reasonably good price. I wish the teff flour hadn't been sold out, I would love to try making some of the gluten-free bread recipes I've seen on-line and this is one ingredient which is difficult to source. Other stand out products from around the world are the Black Bean Spaghetti and Mung Bean Fettuccine. I'll be trying these soon because despite the fact that the red lentil pasta I bought in Canada just turned to mush when I cooked it, I feel much more confident about this pasta after reading Freego's own review.

Our price promise - Shop with confidence.
"We aim to be competitive on every item. If you find the same product sold more cheaply elsewhere, we'll match the price."
There's no need to skip from one website to the next to check if you are getting the best price which is great when you're pushed for time.

Free & timed delivery - No need to stay home all day.
"Everything is delivered next day if ordered by 1pm. Free UK delivery for all orders over £30. We'll text you early on the day of delivery to tell you the hour we'll deliver."
What more do you need? The free UK delivery for orders over £30 is a bonus!

In addition to the points raised by the company, I would like to add some more features of the website that I found particularly valuable :

All in all Freego's website is a great shopping experience and it's comforting to know that the products have been tried and tested since one of the worst things about following a gluten free diet is that everything is SO expensive - I can't tell you how much money I've wasted on products that taste like cardboard!

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