Friday, 19 December 2014

Vegetarian Gluten Free and Grain Free Christmas GF SCD

Christmas is nearly here so I thought I'd share with you some of the recipes which seem to be most popular around Christmas time. I'm way behind with my planning and cooking this year, I hope I manage to have everything done in time but this post will help me to find all the food I need to prepare.

Delicious grain free Fig Tarts are featuring in the picture above.

For Breakfast how about a lovely, warming Dried Fruit Salad with the festive flavours of oranges and cinnamon.

We make jars of this sugar free sweet mincemeat recipe.

For the main course, if you're looking to make a delicious gluten free stuffing or roast, try this Nutty Vegetarian Stuffing which is made with roasted chestnuts and butternut squash.

My favourite recipe for Chestnut Stuffing has been handed down for generations and so simple to make.

I've posted a couple of nut roasts on my blog, the one below is suitable for The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and is our favourite. We put a layer of cranberry sauce in the middle of it.

And this gluten free Butternut Squash, Carrot & Quinoa Nut Roast is packed with protein.

Christmas Dinner just wouldn't be the same for me without the Roasted Parsnips.

Those of you on The Specific Carbohydrate Diet may enjoy the paprika roasted celeriac and carrots which we also prepare on Christmas Day.

I've posted three recipes for Christmas Cake, the one below is a gluten free Christmas Cake.

Finally, I created a gluten free AND vegan Christmas Cake.

One of the most popular recipes on my blog is the grain free gingerbread men recipe. I've already made a batch this week.

The Chocolate Clusters recipe below is one I posted on my blog recently and is easy to make.

Lastly, the grain free Christmas Sundae is a huge favourite and is made using left over Christmas Pudding and is suitable for The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, well all diets really!