Thursday, 18 June 2015

Eating Gluten Free and Vegan in Toronto

Bunner's Bakery in Kensington Toronto

This post follows on from my first post this year about Toronto - IMO the most amazing city for finding gorgeous gluten free and vegan cafés and restaurants. Eating out is easy, there is so much choice. We only actually travelled into the city twice on our three week holiday and on the second occasion there were two places I just had to visit - the new Bunner's bakery shop in the Kensington Market area and Fresh (for chips!).

Cake and Bread Display at Bunner's Bakery Toronto

Since we last visited Bunner's Bakery, they have expanded and opened up another shop just a subway train ride from downtown Toronto. We bought bread, cupcakes for later and a couple of their savoury pockets for lunch! The long walk from the subway was well worth it

Raspberry Cupcake from Bunner's Gluten Free Vegan BakeryChocolate Cupcake from Bunner's Gluten Free Vegan Bakery

Incidentally, for my birthday, I received a copy of the Bunner's Bake Shopcookbook which I highly recommend ...

Bunner's Bakery Cookbook

... but I've been unable to make some of the recipes because Garbanzo and Fava Bean Flour is not available in the UK. My suitcase was a little heavier on the way back ...

Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo and Fava Flour

The Bob's Red Mill all purpose gluten free flour, also used in the recipes, is available to buy in the UK but it was much cheaper in Canada so I bought a few bags of this blend too.

French Fries and Garlic Mayonnaise at Fresh Restaurant Toronto

OK! I know this isn't a healthy lunch but these fries from Fresh are SO amazingly delicious dipped into the vegan garlic mayo! We ate them last time we were in Toronto and I had to buy another bowl this time too. The picture doesn't reveal just how huge the bowl is. I didn't have any room left for my Bunner's savoury pocket until we were on the train travelling back home again. But Fresh don't just sell chips! Check out this fantastic gluten free menu available at all their outlets in Toronto, they are well worth a visit!

Raw Aura, Port Credit Menu

Our visit wouldn't have been complete without a meal at Raw Aura in Port Credit. I've also written about this restaurant before! The menu doesn't seen to have changed much though over the past few years but I still haven't tried everything. This is what we ordered :

Pasta Bolognese at Raw Aura
Pasta Bolognese
Yellow Coconut Curry at Raw Aura, Port Credit
Yellow Coconut Curry
Olive Pasta Special at Raw Aura Restaurant, Port Credit
Olive Pasta Special
Taco Salad at Raw Aura, Port Credit
Taco Salad

Dessert Menu at Raw Aura, Port Credit

Raw Chocolate Brownie at Raw Aura Restaurant

Chocolate Mint Ganache and Chocolate Avocado Dessert at Raw Aura

And from the dessert menu, the brownie, chocolate mint ganache and chocolate avocado cake ...Yummy!!!!!

I strongly recommend you travel out to Port Credit and eat at Raw Aura if you're ever in Toronto or nearby, their food is awesome! 

I'm now counting down the days to our next visit!