Thursday, 12 April 2012

Baked Bananas in Fresh Orange Juice GF SCD

The word banana derives from the Arab word Banan which means finger and a bunch of bananas is actually a hand. The old scientific name is musa sapientum which means fruit of the wise men and this fruit has been grown for thousands of years evidenced by the Egyptian hieroglyphics which depict people with bananas.

There are about 105 calories in a medium banana. A rich source of Vitamin B6, manganese and potassium, bananas also provide us with phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and carotene as well as Vitamin C, calcium, zinc and iron. Followers of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet are advised to eat only ripe bananas to ensure that most of the starch has converted to simple sugars, an unripe banana contains 20 to 25% more starch than a ripened one.

Baked Bananas in Fresh Orange Juice GF SCD

4 or 5 medium sized ripe bananas (as black as possible)
1 large orange
1 or 2 tblsps raisins or other dried fruit
flaked almonds

There really is no need to be exact with quantities for this recipe but the combination of these ingredients is wonderful. I often see recipes for baked bananas with sugar or honey added, there really is no need since the fruit is sweet enough.

  • Heat the oven to 190° C.
  • Peel the bananas, chop into slices and tip into an oven proof dish.
  • Add the raisins.
  • Cut the orange in half and squeeze the juice from one half.
  • Pour the juice over the bananas and raisins and stir.
  • Cut the other half of the orange into thin slices and arrange over the top.
  • Cover with an enamel plate or some foil and bake in the oven for about 30 minutes or until the juice has started to bubble. Sprinkle some flaked almonds and cinnamon over the top.
  • Return to the oven uncovered and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes or until the almonds begin to brown but be careful not to scorch the orange rind.

I received a message on my facebook page from someone who is a raw food chef because she was concerned that the combination of oranges and bananas in this recipe is not a healthy option for digestion. So I decided to look into this a bit more. On the raw food diet the rules about combining foods are the key to digesting raw foods easily and make a lot of sense. Apparently combining an acid fruit with a sweet fruit is not ideal since acid can impair the digestion of starch but I've since discovered that not everyone on the diet agrees that bananas and oranges clash.

I use very ripe bananas so the starch has been reduced considerably and the oranges I use are very sweet so this should greatly reduce the chances of indigestion. Also cinnamon is a great digestive aid.

This information also raises concerns for eating bananas with pineapple..a combination which is exceedingly popular. I think it is sensible to take precautions but the best advice I can give is to try it and see. So make sure your bananas are very ripe and your oranges are very sweet, just in case!

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  1. Oh Vicky this is lovely. I have each of these ingredients on hand. And so can you guess what I'm making for breakfast tomorrow! I can't wait to try. I have 6 VERY ripe bananas! SCD perfect.

    Have a great rest of your week. Almost Firday!!

  2. Thank you Amber! I can't wait for the weekend!

  3. Dear Vicky! You come up with such fabulous and yummy SCD recipes! This looks delicious! I enjoyed the interesting information about bananas! I also appreciate your beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing! I hope your weekend is wonderful! xo~Paula

  4. When i saw baked bananas i thought something like chips.. but this is even better.. i love bananas, unfortunately hubbs is mildly allergic to them. though i do eat my share, i just cant make big batch of baked goodies with them:)

  5. I don't think I have ever tried baked bananas with oranges before-but I sure should have! This recipe looks out of this world incredible Vicky!

  6. Hi Vicky,

    I made this for breakfast this morning! It made the house smell just delightful. The bananas were so sweet from the cinnamon and orange juice. I always have dried cranberries on hand, so I used these. And the oranges were so tender. Served with a side of dairy-free yogurt. So delish!

    Have a great Friday.


  7. This must smell AMAZING!
    this will be our next dessert/ snack on the table ;)
    Yum ;D
    Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by the Potluck Party ;)

  8. Paula - Thank you so much for visiting, I hope your weekend is a happy one too!

    Richa - Haha! yes I now what you mean about the consuming a batch. I love banana bread but neither my daughter or husband like it so unless I make it and freeze it, the loaf is wasted!

    Laura - It's not a popular combination and I'm going to post a little about that on FB.

    Amber - so pleased you tried it - you're a star!

    Ella - I know you will enjoy it! And it's my pleasure to stop by your party, I will be back later this weekend to check the other recipes!

  9. What a unique combination! It looks delicious and I do love sauteed bananas, so baking these in orange juice sounds perfect! Interesting discussion on bananas and acid.

  10. Thank you! It is lovely! It was interesting to be informed about the combination problems and I'll watch out for that in future but this doesn't upset us!

  11. This recipe looks great! I would love it if you linked up this post to my blog hop for a chance to win a cookbook prize package:

  12. Your baked bananas in orange juice sound delicious - what a wonderful healthy dessert! It looks so pretty too - it would be a perfect dessert for a dinner party. I didn't know about the origin of the word banana - that is so interesting to know!

  13. Thanks April, it's a nice fresh taste - I didn't know about the origin either, that's what's so lovely writing a blog - it's an education too!

  14. This is such a delightful dessert!

    It is interesting that some might think that this might not be a good pairing for digestion, I swam competitively when I was younger and the combination of oranges and bananas were my go to "energy foods". I don't remember ever having a problem with this combination, even though I was eating them raw.

  15. I found it interesting too Alea! I've never had a problem eating them together either. I think it's more what you eat them with perhaps