Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Trust Your Intuition Kindle version

Do you remember the launch of the paperback book to which I was fortunate to contribute a chapter about healing with the SCD? Well, the kindle version of "Trust Your Intuition" has just been launched and to celebrate this event you will be able to claim lots of FREE gifts when you purchase Trust Your Intuition: 25 "Natural Medicine Confessions" From Influential Women Who Use Healing Remedies For Their Families on Amazon in the UK or on Once you've purchased it head over HERE to get all your free gifts! The offer is open to midnight on August 29th 2013.

  • A coupon for outlet site of Persnickety Clothing Company a manufacturer of wonderful little frocks for girls from newborn to 12. The founder is Corinne Rickenbach, one of the contributors to the book !
  • Oliver Demille's: A Thomas Jefferson Education
  • Kristy Howard's "The Cottage Mama's DIY Guide" 
  • Liz King Bradley's "7-Day Program and Video Series for Reclaiming Your Sanity, Time and Brilliance"
  • Kelly the Kitchen Kop's "Real Food Ingredient Guide"
  • Laurie Driggers' "Back to Basics Whole Foods Mini 3-Day Cleanse, Cleanse & Renew"
  • Jenni Wilson's "10 Do-It-Yourself Flu Remedies From A Doctor's Wife"
  • Wellness Mama's "Balancing Hormones Naturally Quick Start Guide"
  • Mom Essentials' Pregnancy Bundle
  • Tiffany from Don't Waste The Crumbs' "22 Days to a Fresh Start"
  • Peter Berg's "10 Simple Tips For Families & Teens: For Increased Balance, Focus & Mental Energy"
  • Kelly from The Nourishing Home's Healthy Ice Pops eBook
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