Friday, 12 September 2014

A Few Things I Like

I haven't posted a recipe in ages, sorry!! I am hoping to be able to find the time soon though but to keep in touch I thought I'd take some quick photos of a few products I use regularly, items and food I couldn't be without..including the raspberries above! 

If you didn't know, I joined Instagram recently so if you're on Instagram, please find me, it's also a great place to find other bloggers. These are a few of the photos I've taken which are quite representative of the food we've been eating this Summer.


Dee's gluten free and vegan sausages, paprika celeriac chips, roasted aubergine and salad

Filling for pie made with almond flour pastry

Since the company I work for decided to relocate its premises, I have to get up very early (for me) and I don't have much time to get ready. My beauty products have always been simple though and I don't wear much make up. Thank goodness my skincare routine is very basic! I wash with organic soap, tone with witch hazel then apply a liberal amount of coconut oil to my face and neck at night though just a small amount in the morning.

I also apply the coconut oil to my hair three times a week and leave it overnight. I LOVE the stuff! This jar sits in my bathroom, my cooking coconut oil is downstairs BTW!

While I'm touching on non food items, my favourite 'green' washing up liquid is Ecover. It's quite expensive but I always make sure I buy and stock up on it when it's on offer. It's great for cleaning glass too. 

Because I'm out of the house each day for hours I've been a little lazy with regard to making my almond milk so as an alternative I've been buying Rude Health's Almond Drink. It's very creamy in coffee and works perfectly in muffins. The gluten free vegan ones below were made using it and I promise to post the recipe soon. I've made them without a flour blend to make them easier for everyone both here and abroad to make.

We buy heaps and heaps of vegetables.  Even though there's only two of us now, the produce below formed just part of our weekly shop..and most of it was gone by Wednesday. 

We've also been getting through bags and bags of seeds this Summer, they're so nutritious and easy to add to any meal. Try roasting a few in a frying pan and add them to salads and one of my favourite bought snacks is dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds but it's much cheaper to make them yourself! 

As well as eating a lot of seeds, we include beans in most of our meals. I rarely soak my own now so I buy organic beans from the supermarket. Hummus and bean dips are always on the menu!

I hope you've all had a lovely Summer! We've been very lucky this year to have beautiful sunny weather, I just hope that doesn't mean we're going to have an icy Winter! It's getting chilly at night and I'm already tempted to put the heating on. We've got some awesome weekends planned for the next few weeks so I'm hoping the weather stays good until after then.