Monday, 29 September 2014

My September TVK Box

Life's been so hectic recently but I've just found a moment to post the review of my September box from The Vegan Kind. As usual the contents are/were awesome! Although a couple of the items aren't gluten free that really didn't matter this month..I've had people staying who were quite happy to eat them on my behalf!!

My favourite treat was this small (rather expensive BTW) organic raw chocolate bar from Ombar. Made from high quality raw cacao, organic coconut sugar and rich coconut cream with a pinch of bio live cultures added into the mix, this bar is IMO better than the real thing. A wonderful treat to find nestled in the bottom of the box.

Not so easily shared but three pieces was probably enough to satisfy my chocolate yearning that day! Creamy and deliciously smooth, you really must look out for this brand. There's five other awesome flavours to choose from - Strawberries and Cream, Goji Berry, Cranberry and Mandarin, Acai and Blueberry and Lemon and Green Tea!

I was very happy to find this little pack of Dino Paws from Bear, they're a perfect treat for both children and adults. If you've not already tried these, you won't be disappointed and I'd also recommend the fruit yoyos which I've been buying for a while now. 

The Creative Nature Bar is delicious (or so I'm told). Unfortunately, it's not gluten free so I gave this away.

I LOVE this deodorant in its simple pink bottle from Skinlikes. Made from a blend of plant-based therapeutic essential oils , the other key features of this safe to use product are :

  • Kills bacterial odour in sweat instantly.
  • Does not clog pores.
  • No white marks on clothes.
  • No sting, even after shaving.
  • Suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Economic 70ml bottle. Safe to take on planes.
  • Completely free from irritating chemicals.
  • A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Rainbow Valley Charity, helping people living with or affected by cancer.

Oh and they also sell a men's deodorant on the website.

I haven't tried this Magic BBQ dust from Taste Gourmet Spice Company but I know I'm going to love it in burgers and on roasted veggies. But when I get a chance I'm going to make the Tomato Sauce recipe on their website because it sounds yum! The company also sell a wide range of products including infused oils and balsamic vinegar, rubs and spice mixes, salts and individual spices.

Another SCD legal snack from Nothing But was a lovely addition this month. These freeze dried fruit pieces are delicious and perfect for lunch boxes. Having received a vegetable snack from Nothing But in my August Box, it was a wonderful surprise to find a fruit one in the September box.

Finally, the Hoots Pickled Onion flavour multigrain snack looked tasty but because it's also not gluten free, I couldn't try it. However, it was greatly appreciated by the person I donated it to!


  1. It was a fantastic box this month, wasn't it? Ombar Coco Mylk is one of my favourite chocolate bars ever, so I was over the moon to find one in the box. We also loved the Pickled Onion Hoots Snack (it reminded me of Pickled Onion Monster Munch which I loved as a kid!)

    1. I'd never tried Ombar before, so this was a lovely surprise. I love getting my box, especially the surprise element!

  2. Vicky, these packagings are far better than the ones I've received (the one you commented on)…I just love the bright, playful colors, and the fonts…haha! I would love to try the Ombar Coco Mylk, Dino Paws, Nothing But pineapple/grape snack and pickled onion snack. The deodorant looks awesome, is it a spray or did you apply it with hands?

    1. Rika, you would LOVE the chocolate bar. I noticed that the packaging is much more "busy" on the items in your box. Did you know that you can order our box, it's now available worldwide! The deodorant is a roll-on.and smells lush!