Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Golden Apple Products - A Review

A couple of months ago I was so very excited to discover these Organic Raw Crackers from Golden Apple! Not only are they made from the purest of ingredients, I was over the moon when I realised that some of the flavours are suitable for the SCD... which is exciting news because there are very few products out there..

"Made from carefully selected seeds, nuts, herbs, dried fruits, vegetables and spices, dehydrated at the temperature of maximum 42°C, without preservatives or additives, suitable for raw-food eaters, vegans, diabetics, people with impaired gluten tolerance and for those, who enjoy the natural, tasty food. Products are GLUTEN FREE, LACTOSE FREE and contain NO SUGAR."

Golden Apple is the brand designed in 2011 of a vegetarian, family company founded in 1994 in Slovenia. The company's commitment to an ethical way of life is reflected in their artisan products which are hand made using carefully selected high quality organic ingredients. At present the company produces two product lines, Organic Raw Crackers and Biscuits and Organic Raw Garlic.

The inspiration for the brand name, Golden Apple, is a fairy tale and the artwork designs are also influenced by folklore and legends. The bird on the packaging of the raw crackers symbolises the unity of body and soul, the oneness of everyday life and spiritual values and the brand’s slogan expresses the same idea, “Pure Food - Pure Thoughts”.

The raw crackers and biscuits are totally natural, made from carefully selected high quality organic certified seeds, nuts, herbs, dried fruits, vegetables and spices. There are no artificial flavours. For example, the peppermint flavour is derived from naturally dried organic peppermint leaves from a Slovenian organic farm and they create the garlic and onion flavours by drying the bulbs themselves.

The flavours of the raw crackers and biscuits available to purchase are:
  • Hazelnuts and Peppermint
  • Carrots and Exotic Spices
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Sun Dried Tomato
  • Walnuts and Orange
  • Walnuts and Rosemary 
and the products below are all suitable for the SCD...

The second product line is so very, very unique - Organic Raw Wild Garlic

"Wild Garlic can be found in early spring and it usually grows in water rich areas. It contains numerous vitamins, minerals and essential oils. The vital substances of Wild Garlic have a strong cleansing effect on the body. It helps to clean and disinfect the intestines, lowers blood pressure, supports the circulatory system, lowers blood cholesterol levels and helps with blood restoration."

It comes in three different flavours: on its own, with pumpkin seeds and with hemp seeds - awesome additions especially if you're using the garlic in dips and spreads. I'm not 100 per cent sure if wild garlic is "legal" for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet but if it is both the "organic raw garlic" and "organic raw garlic with pumpkin seeds" are suitable .

What a fantastic product! One teaspoon seems to replace one clove of garlic and the beauty of it, in my opinion, is it can be added after cooking to deepen the garlic flavour if you so wish. Once opened it lasts for 30 days in the fridge but remember to put the cap on tightly otherwise the fridge reeks!

Of the crackers and biscuits, my favourite is the Onion and Garlic pictured below served with Roasted Red Onion and Coquina Squash Soup. All the crackers are delicious but best eaten once opened. They're not very crispy crackers - just perfectly natural pure organic ingredients dehydrated.

I added a drizzle of Organic Raw Wild Garlic to the bowl of soup in addition to the teaspoon I added to the soup in the pan. In fact, I've subbed it for garlic cloves in everything I've made recently! I also used it in my Roasted Butternut Squash Dip, a lovely sweet yet delicately spiced appetizer.

The Organic Raw Wild Garlic was a perfect ingredient in my dairy free pesto recipe, it intensified the colour beautifully.

The crackers and biscuits are also ideal for using instead of croutons in a soup and these Sun Dried Tomato crackers look lovely floating on top of my Cream of Tomato Soup.

I love all the different shapes especially the heart shaped Walnuts and Orange and Hazelnuts and Peppermint flavours.

Because you can rarely find anything suitable for the SCD in the shops these make a wonderful treat. I have corresponded with the company and I have been assured that all the spices and flavours they don't create in-house are sourced with great care.

Where can you buy Golden Apple raw crackers and wild garlic?

In the UK : 

Europe :

France - Monaturel
Switzerland - Biodis
Finland - MakroBios
Denmark - Biogan
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    1. I'm so pleased you've reviewed these Vicky. I keep seeing the crackers and garlic popping up on your blog and have been curious about them.
      Everything sounds so delicious- you know I'm a raw food fan :) I'm definitely excited about the raw chocolate too!
      Will make a note to add Golden Apple products to my next Goodness Direct order.

      1. Haha! I've been slowly announcing them over the last couple of weeks! I'm also excited about the chocolate - can't wait to try it!

    2. Raw crackers are really good, love them spicy and savory, but not sure about the sweet ones. Awesome that they are made in Slovenia and the flavors that appeal to me the most are carrots + exotic spices, onion + garlic & sun-dried tomato. I’m not a huge fan of walnuts for texture, but love it as a pesto or sauce. I wish they are available in the U.S. will they be available in Paris, too?

      1. The sweet ones are subtly sweet not sickly sweet and really do go with everything and the walnut crackers are very smoothly processed and taste wonderful!

        They only appear to be available on-line in France and may be they will be available in the US eventually :)

    3. Those products look simply amazing! Will hope that they come to the U.S. one day. I love the packaging, too. :-) Thanks for the review!


      1. I don't know why I haven't replied to this earlier Shirley, but thank you! The packaging is beautiful, isn't it?

    4. I never thanked you personally for writing this review Vicky. We are really thankful that you took the time and did such a good job.

      Our products are slowly making their way around Europe, and one day I'm sure we can even enter the US market with them.

      We just returned from BIOFACH in Nuremberg, and we had a lot of positive feedback on all of our products, especially the Wild Garlic and our new chocolates.

      I hope they will all be available for everyone as soon a possible :)

      Demjan - Golden Apple

      1. You are most welcome! All the products are lovely and especially the wild garlic pesto which is a beautiful and a unique idea. I've since discovered that it is suitable for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I can't wait to sample some of your chocolate. Good luck with your venture :)